Compliance Framework

Ramp was built with your compliance needs in mind. It implements existing compliance and administrative workflows to make sure that both parties of the conversations remain compliant. It is our ongoing priority to work together with your standards and your team to keep the communication process transparent.

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  1. We Verify Our Experts

    To ensure the quality of our expertise, we leverage a rigid vetting process of our Subject Matter Experts. Everyone admitted to the platform must submit the following identification and acceptance of our policies and tutorials in order to ensure we support your needs with fully compliant members.

    • Government-issued photo identification
    • Bank Tax ID or SSN
    • Stripe Identity and Fraud Prevention Review
    • Bank Account
    • Completion of MNPI training module
    • Acknowledgement of Privacy Policy and Terms of Service
  2. Pre-Call Attestation Questionnaire

    In addition to our own vetting process, we also allow Compliance Officers to do their due diligence by asking a predefined set of questions to the experts that their clients are trying to book calls with. The Compliance Officers can key in these questions on RAMP and enable the setting so that when any user on their account requests an appointment with an expert, the expert would have to answer the attestation questions. These would in turn have to be reviewed by the Compliance Officer before they can approve or reject the appointment request.

  3. Join In On Calls Between Clients and Experts

    We allow Compliance Officers to have complete governance on calls by allowing them to join in once the call has begun. Compliance Officers will be presented with the option to join silently and be muted or to join the call with the ability to intervene at any point in time.

  4. We've Created Easy Permission Management

    We provide our Compliance Officers with the flexibility to manage their team based on their specific company standards and code of ethics. In the settings, you’ll be able to define whether team members can or cannot speak with experts from publicly traded companies or from government agencies, and implement a requirement for compliance pre-approval for all calls booked.

  5. Stay Informed About Your Team's Communication

    The platform allows Compliance Officers the capability to remain engaged and up-to-date. Features like appointment notifications, call approval requests, and calendar invitations for scheduled calls are a few features added to achieve the maximum benefit for your needs.

  6. Access Archived Call Records

    We built the platform with the intention to give Compliance Officers the means and the control they need to regulate the transfer of information. We’ve relieved the burden of having to physically be on the calls by implementing settings that allow you to turn on or off the ability for calls to be recorded and transcribed.

    This feature serves as a great resource when submitting reviews of flagged appointments. You’ll be able to:

    • Playback the call recording
    • Perform a keyword search against call transcript text
    • Download call transcripts as PDFs to accurately reference the information
  7. View our Library of Information, Anytime

    For a more detailed look into our compliance due diligence, feel free to download our resources to view at your convenience.

    Privacy Policy

    Terms of Service

    MNPI Training Module